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Climate Assessment incorporation into EIA/SEA processes for local authorities: Countries reviews

November 16, 2010 reviews (more…)

Adaptive Governance and Climate Change

November 16, 2010 book argues that we need to take a new tack – moving away from reliance on centralized, top-down climate approaches. (more…)

Framework for Adaptation: Implications for the Government

November 16, 2010 paper focuses on climate adaptation in the UK. It provides a framework for analysing the role of Government in helping people and businesses adapt to projected changes in climate. (more…)

Institutional Challenges to Climate Risk Management in Cities

November 16, 2010 article reviews current research and debate on climate risk management in cities, focusing on the institutional capacity of cities to facilitate planned adaptation. (more…)

Vulnerability assesment (risk, resilience, adaptive capacity across social-economic-environmental issues)

November 16, 2010

Useful particularly for local authority partners who are trying to incorporate climate assessment into EIA/SEA processes – the links are to various country guidelines on this issue.