List of IMCORE Case Studies (Action 1.4)

This list will be updated each time a partner sends Betty Queffelec from UBO a new case study. If partners check this list before proposing a case study we can avoid overlaps.

The case study form can be found here and the guidance document here

  1. PhD study: Coastal Erosion and Management in County Donegal
  2. Integrated Pilot Project in Beach Management (Donegal)
  3. Proposal for Lough Swilly Marine Discovery Centre, Buncrana, Co. Donegal
  4. Lee Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management Study (lee CFRAM)
  5. Bantry Bay Coastal Zone Charter
  6. Integrated Masterplan for Coastal Safety (Be)
  7. Coastal Erosion Management at Inch Beach, Co. Kerry (IRL)
  8. Coastal Management and Monitoring of Fingal Coast (IRL)
  9. Transition Town Kinsale (IRL)
  10. Invasive Species Ireland (IRL)
  11. Cork Harbour Integrated Management / Adaptation Strategies (IRL)
  12. Coastal Zone Plan for Tramore Bay area, Co. Waterford (IRL)
  13. Community Climate Change Consortium for Ireland (C4I) Project (IRL)
  14. Understanding Jellyfish in the Irish Sea (IRL)
  15. CoastAdapt Project (IRL)
  16. Integrated Management of Strangford Lough, Co. Down (NI)
  17. Delta Climate Change Visioning Project (Can)
  18. Miami-Dade County Climate Change Advisory Task Force (CCATF) (USA)
  19. Impacts of Sea-level rise on the Avon River, Christchurch (NZ)
  20. Coast Care – Bay of Plenty Dune Restoration (NZ)
  21. Tauranga City Council prepares for more intense rainfall (NZ)
  22. Climate change and infrastructure design case study: Wairau Catchment, North Shore City (NZ)
  23. Controlled reduced tide to produce flood control area and new habitats in Kruibeke (Be) (ComCoast Project).
  24. Foreshore recharge using dredged materials in Horsey Island, UK (ComCoast Project)
  25. Managed realignment in Abbotts Hall, UK. (ComCoast Project)
  26. Flood risk management schemes in Perkpolder, through maneged realignment (NL) (ComCoast Project)
  27. Overtopping dyke to combat sea level rise in Ellewoutsdijk (NL) (ComCoast Project)
  28. Protection against store surge through a controlled, reduced tide at Hamme, Lippenbroek (ComCoast Project).
  29. Severn Estuary Coastal Habitat Management Plan
  30. Le projet de parc naturel régional du golfe du Morbihan
  31. La gestion et restauration du site Gâvres Quiberon
  32. Le recul stratégique à Criel sur mer
  33. Un exemple de la gestion du trait de côte par le conservatoire du littoral
  34. Le projet d’atlas des risques côtiers Morbihan
  35. La charte des espaces côtiers bretons
  36. Le plan énergie Bretagne
  37. Les résultats du projet Eurosion
  38. Le plan climat territorial de la région Nord Pas de Calais
  39. Les plans de prévention des risques, le cas de l’île de Ré
  40. Un exemple français de gestion des bassins versants tenant compte des changements climatiques
  41. Projet Héol, navette à passager
  42. Diagnostique ostréicole
  43. NS2 – Production of River Basin Management Plans and Programmes of Measures (Donegal)
  44. Maghery Dune Restoration and Beach Access
  45. Resource Energy Project (Donegal)
  46. Production of Pollution Reduction Plans for designated Shellfish Waters (Donegal)
  47. Choosing between different options to stregthen the sea defenses dykes of Hondsbossche and Petemer (NL)
  48. Loch Torridon Nephrops Creel Fishery Management Plan
  49. Operation Dune Watch (UK)
  50. Solway Firth Partnership
  51. The Severn Shoreline Management Plan (II)
  52. The Severn Estuary Strategy
  53. An example of a Severn estuary local authority adaptation strategy (based on Severn Planning Review)
  54. An example of the Catchment Flood Management Plans for one of the South Wales rivers draining in to the Severn
  55. The Severn River Basin Management Plan
  56. The ASERA Management Scheme (and its revision)
  57. Impacts of climate change on tourism and natural environmental factors on the coast – Lindisfarne Case Study
View this document on Scribd
View this document on Scribd

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