Expert Couplet for Sefton

Sefton Council, England

Coastlines Summer 2010 (PDF – 5Mb)


Sefton Conference proceedings 2008 (PDF – 28Mb)


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View this document on Scribd
Sefton Expert Couplet

Sefton Council

Edge Hill University / Southampton University
Sefton Council have a long experience of working in partnership to deliver coastal management on this important site that contains 20% of the sand dunes in England. 

Staff working on the project include:

Graham Lymbery who has skills in partnership working, ICZM, Coastal Defence Management and Coastal Monitoring.

Michelle Newton who has skills relating to environmental management and education.

Caron Pugh who has experience with GIS and Coastal Monitoring.

Darren Lloyd and Julie Kirk who are specialists in education in relation to climate change.

Professor Annie Worsley leads a team at Edge Hill University looking at Climate and Environmental Change and related to this the human response to this change. 

Derek Clarke from Southampton University has considerable experience relating to sand dune hydrology and how this might be impacted upon by climate change.

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